Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That's More Like It

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. My work schedule shifted again (I am not working till 11 at all this week!) so I was unable to post this morning, but I am back on my way. I hadn't weighed myself since Sunday and I decided to give it a day and take some measures to kick my weight loss back into high gear. I focused on more salad and lean protein and very few carbs to fill me up with very little calorie cost. The problem with carbs, particularly bready ones, is that for the calories consumed I do not stay full that long and it takes more calories worth of food to feel satisfied. Carbs have great, long lasting energy, but I'm not running marathons here. Don't get me wrong, I am still having two pieces of fruit a day, four veggies, and a little Melba toast every morning, but the bread at subway or tortillas for the chicken and veggies were out for a few days. So the past two days have basically been salads with chicken, with a couple of the great lower cal dressings I have found. Pretty tasty, although I will probably switch it up tomorrow, but the plateau was broken and that was the goal. I will give you a preview and tell you that when I weighed myself this morning I was down over 20 pounds from the beginning of the blog and that is fantastic.

I don't really have any other major revelations to report other than the fact that I have really stopped craving sodas and sweets to a large extent. I admit that being exposed to deserts is rough, but wanting to go get them is really not an issue anymore. That is a great feeling as well. Have a good one guys.

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