Friday, February 19, 2010

The View from The Plateau

Well friends, I could not post yesterday because I was closing my show, and I must admit that the post show closing party was a bit trying. I ended up compromising a bit and eating some less than healthy foods, but I only had a taste. I only had two chicken wings instead of the dozen I would have in the past. I had a sandwich to fill up a bit on something not to bad and I had a good handful of grapes and I wasn't hungry enough to gorge on the delicious calorifics surrounding me. It is a good strategy and I will try to never go to a party hungry again.

I will post my totals tomorrow, but I can tell that numbers wise this week is going to be a bit disappointing. Plateaus happen and some of you had some very kind words on Tuesday about them. I am trying to not necessarily equate pounds down to health gained, but with such a long road ahead of me it is hard not to be disappointed when the mile markers don't fly by as fast as I would like. I have noticed a few things this week that were very encouraging, however. I had a headache at work midweek, not an uncommon occurrence for me, so I took an Aleve. Normally a headache pill takes about an hour and fifteen minutes or so to kick in, but now it takes about twenty minutes. I had had no way to tell for sure until then, but my metabolism has really sped up and that helped the medicine get into my system much faster. I am also starting to feel the difference between hungry and full. I am not yet able to differentiate them totally, but I have been trying to eat each meal until I am satisfied, not full, so I am less likely to confuse the two. My skin and hair have also improved drastically since I stopped drinking soda and started drinking 3/4 to 1 gallon of water a day. These are the little results and changes that make not losing as many pounds as I want a bit easier to handle. I am looking not only to get down to a healthier weight, but to live a healthier life overall. I think I am on my way to success at all of these goals.

I took some time today to thank some of you personally, but for those of you I cannot or have not written or spoken to, thank you so much for the support. I am not sure how well this exercise would work if I felt like I was telling all of this to a brick wall and your support is vital to keeping me going. Please keep it up and thanks again.

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  1. I think your awareness increase with respect to metabolism, hunger, hair, skin, etc. are worth about 7.42 pounds of progress. So, go back and mentally RAISE your start number by that amount and subtract it for this week to arrive at the unchanged number. :D Seriously, those insights are powerful. I'm going to have to join you.