Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weigh In 4:7

Solid week.  I was able to let go a little bit this weekend and still have good results.  I would have preferred a slightly bigger number, but I wasn't really disappointed at any time this week (except I got a little tired of salads) so that seems like a solid balance.  I lost 2 pounds this week so I am down to 396.8.  I wanted to be at 390 by today, so I am a bit behind, but I had two pretty awful weeks to start the month, so I am reasonably sure I did the best I could the last 3 or so weeks.

This month my goal is to add back in some more physical activity.  The weather has finally gotten pleasant, at least for the time being, so I went out for a walk last night.  I am also going to start back up some light weight lifting.  Adding some lean muscle mass should help keep my metabolism up and help me burn through more calories even at rest.  I need to be a little bit careful how hard I push things because of my now diagnosed blood pressure issues, so I won't be going balls out anytime soon, but a little here or there 3 or 4 days a week at a minimum should be a good start and help build good habits.

For the past couple weeks a friend and I have been helping to keep each other honest and texting our daily food diary to each other.  I didn't ask her before I posted this, so I will just say thank you to her and that it has been really helpful to have some extra motivation to be smart about my intake, particularly late at night when I am at my weakest in terms of cravings.  It is a lot easier to stay out of the fridge once I have texted at the end of the day, and that has been a really positive step.  I am not really one for meetings or talking about what I eat and my health with strangers (in person) so the blog and a well placed friend are my best tools for staying accountable and making good progress.

So, goals for the month:
Get up to walking or getting some exercise 4 times a week.
Keep tracking every day.
Keep adding more fruit into my diet.  I seem to have great success on the days where I get at least 2 servings.  The fruit seems to stay with me longer and prevents me from getting too hungry.
Get down to 380.  Maybe overly abitious, but I've got 4 and a half weeks, so that's less than 4 pounds a week.  If I am smart and aggressive I can do that no problem.  I am due for some strong weeks.


  1. We're behind you 100%. LYMTA

  2. Great goals, have a good week/month/everything!!!!