Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weigh in 4:21

Another late post!  one of these weeks I will get back on the stick and post on time.  Wednesday was actually quite busy for me so not only was I not able to post, but I didn't even weigh myself, so this week's numbers are from Thursday.  I was down 0.8 pounds, which while small is a loss, and consistent with my results to date.  Considering my complete lack of exercise it will have to do.  I weighed in at 387.6 on the new scale.  385 this week would be fantastic, and I feel I am doing pretty well so far.  I had a very vigorous dance rehearsal on Thursday as well as some other intermittent physical activity.  Paired with good good choices so far I think I am on the way to good results.

My appointment with the personal trainer got pushed back a week, so this Tuesday I should get some new strategies for building physical strength and stamina.  Rehearsals for my show should start to be more consistently movement heavy as well, so I feel good about where I will be going forward.  I now need to commit to it.  I hope for a more thoughtful and detailed post (and on time) this Wednesday.

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