Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trying To Get Over The

Since my weigh in on Saturday it has been an interesting week. I seem to be in a holding pattern, although I have a pretty good idea why. Sunday I was running errands and got stuck with nowhere to eat but an Italian joint. I ordered a lemon chicken dish assuming it would be somewhat healthy. When I have ordered that dish in the past it was a kind of lemon oil that was very flavorful, but thin enough that most stayed on the plate. I loaded up on the salad that came with it and waited for the dish to arrive. Instead of the lemon and oil sauce I had expected it was drenched in a lemon cream sauce. I ate the chicken and as much pasta as it took to fill up, which still left about two thirds of what came out of the kitchen. The chicken was grilled, so that was a plus, and the dish did have a few token capers, so I suppose it wasn't all bad, just mostly. I guess the damage was done because I had gained weight that day, but in the grand scheme of things it only put me back a day or two. I also went to the Bulls vs. Rockets game on Monday and had a pretzel, which I had heard was not that bad but when I looked it up was almost 500 calories. Ouch. I don't mind having a cheat meal here or there, and I know the process is going to be a long one so a couple of days more or less is not a big deal, but it is frustrating to choose what you think is a good option only to find out it is a terrible choice. Oh well.

I have renewed my commitment to working out this week and have already put in two. Yesterday I hit the workout room in my building and did my usual circuit. I stretched really well, did about a mile and a quarter on the treadmill, or 20 minutes at a brisk pace for me, and about 15 minutes worth of work on the weight machine. When I do weight stuff I really just do as much as it takes for that particular muscle to start shaking a bit. I am not trying to build up huge muscle mass right now, I really just want to supplement what I have to make my body more efficient at burning calories all the time. Today I did about 80 crunches and 3 reps of leg lifts, which I absolutely hate, but my lower abs are really weak so I need them. I also did 20 really deep squats, which I have taken to doing in front of the sofa while I watch TV. It is amazing how fast squatting 400 pounds can wear you out. I think working against my own body weight is a really good idea for the moment, and I am able to do things like that almost anywhere. I also really like how I feel for the rest of the day when I have gotten in a little physical activity that morning. I thought it was ridiculous before, but I can see why people enjoy working out. I hate it while it is happening, but the after effects are addicting.

That is all for today, but stay tuned for future installments. Next off evening I have I plan to cook one of the recipes from the book my friends made up for me and I will post pictures and a special thank you to the author, so come back to find out if I pick yours to be the first of what will be many!

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