Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milestone Week

Today is the first of several milestones I will celebrate this week.  A year ago today I gave up sodas.  Other than one sugar free mixer I used I have kept that promise.  Soda is fine in moderation, but I cannot be moderate with it, so it had to go.  Starting out I thought this might be one of the most difficult things, but I feel so much better, and that one change had such a massive effect on my health, that I have never once been tempted to go back.  I miss the occasional Dr. Pepper, but only briefly every once in a blue moon.  The hardest part was the day after.  Tomorrow I will "celebrate" the anniversary of the worst headache I have ever had.    I think I will honor the occasion with a tall, frosty water.

This week has been positive so far, though my scale is on the fritz, so weighing myself has been a bit more of a pain.  I continue to be amazed, even a year on, that I am more full and satisfied when I eat appropriately portioned, well balanced meals, than when I have a larger, poorly balanced meal.  It is easy to forget with the breadth of expression available to us as thinking, feeling beings, that our more primitive bodies have only a few ways to tell us what we/they need.  If I miss out on something vital, say fiber, then even though my stomach is full the only way my body can ask for that missing piece is with hunger.  It can be as frustrating to satisfy what my body is asking for as it is to placate a crying baby.  It needs SOMETHING, but the language isn't there.  Of course, I may be talking out of my ass here, but in the last year of paying more and better attention to these things this seems to explain what I have encountered.

Sunday will mark one year since my first weigh in, so expect an in depth breakdown of my results, and of course, weigh in #1 of year 2.

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