Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weigh in 4:13

Lucky number 13!  Great results this week, and that on top of what I would consider not really being as present and active in my choice making this week.  I had some parties, I had some dates, and I didn't get too worked up about what I ate/drank.  This week goes to show what attitude and momentum do for me.  I felt good and had a good time this week, and I have several weeks of positive momentum behind me to keep me moving in the right direction.  That doesn't mean I can go nuts and stop tracking or anything, but I am getting to the point where I have built strong habits that can carry me through in less than ideal situations.  The hardest thing about committing to weight loss is constantly feeling like I have to think about it actively.  It burns you out.  This week was great because I wasn't constantly thinking about it, but I still made good progress.

This morning I weighed in at 388.4, which hit several goals for me. I lost over 2 pounds this week, which is where I want to be on a week by week basis.  2 pounds a week is a little over 100 pounds in a year, which gets me where I want to go in a reasonable amount of time.  If that can be my floor, at least until I get to around 350 or so, then I will be pretty happy. Weight Watchers also informed me that I hit 5% weight loss this week, which was my first goal! 5% is a considerable amount and something I am pretty proud of.  The next goal is 10%, which is right about 369.  I'd like to be there before the end of July, if not sooner.  I also got under 390 this week, which was my goal for the week, so it was nice to be able to set an immediate goal and hit it when I said I would.

This week I would like to land somewhere between 386 and 385.  I did OK this week cooking, but I think committing to making more of what I eat is going to be the next big step I can take to get more consistent, and larger, weight loss numbers.  Because of a couple of injuries recently (I rolled my ankle, AGAIN, which messed up my back, AGAIN) my commitment to physical activity has been lackluster to say the least, so I want to get healthy and get out in the nice weather we are having in Chicago.  Anything to add a little boost to my metabolism and to help me feel good about myself is going to be important right now, so that is another positive step I can take. So until next week I will make like Fozzie Bear and keep Movin' Right Along.

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