Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh In 4:14

Mediocre week.  I wanted to get some exercise and really didn't.  I had some back issues last week, but those are mostly cleared up now, so I probably could have gotten at least one good walk and some weight lifting in, but I decided to do other things. Not that that is the end of the world, but I feel that if I want to get the kind of results I expect (larger numbers) I need to commit more fully to doing all the right things.  That also includes cooking and avoiding alcohol.  This week I drank with some regularity, which is fine.  A beer or two every once in a while keeps me happy and sane.  But 4 times this week is more than I should indulge in a week if I want to keep losing weight.  That is on me to be able to be in party/theater situations, particularly where there is free beer (That is not even FAIR!), and not indulge every time. I don't need to, but I want to, and putting myself and my goals first in that situation is paramount.  I also need to allow myself to leave those situations.

This week I did a moderately better job of cooking and not eating out, but again I didn't do as well as I could have.  The next big step is always having an option that is quick and easy at home so I can remove excuses for eating out.  After that I need to start bringing meals with me when I am out and about.  Particularly with my heart issues I need to take more control of and responsibility for what I put in my body.  I am starting to have things to do and people to see, so I need to plan ahead so I can do those things.  Procrastination and self sabotage are not an option.  I deserve better.

This morning I weighed in at 387.6.  That is a very modest loss of 0.8 pounds.  I stick by the rule that any week where I lose weight is a good week, but I know I can and could have done better, so while I am pleased to continue moving in the right direction I am far from satisfied.

Expect a food post later this week!  Snacks are always difficult for me, so I am making my own.  I am canning a big batch of bread and butter pickles today, and making a pickle that has very little salt is going to be a great snack and flavor enhancing condiment for me.  Pics to come!

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