Thursday, August 5, 2010


What an amazing week.  There is nothing like starting rehearsals for a show you are really excited about.  A read through and two music rehearsals are already in the bag and I have a couple of nights off to rest and catch up.  I took my day off from the day job on Tuesday to do a little cooking, so was prepared and smart with my meals even with a time crunch.  The trick now is to keep it up, but I feel prepared for the challenge.

I see things every once in a while that reaffirm my choice to get this journey going and out there for all to see.  Today I read about John Goodman and his 100 pound weight loss.  John Goodman is one of the actors I feel similar to, and who I really respect.  The other was John Candy, so if you put them together I guess that would make me John Goodbar (my apologies).  Moving on, Mr. Goodman mentioned in the interview that his previous lifestyle was a "waste".  It is a sentiment I can relate to.  I think back on the missed opportunities and experiences I gave up because of my choices it is hard not to regret, but I can really use that as fuel to keep me moving.  His change is also likely to help his career, which is a great example of why my previous fears were so misguided.  The choice for better health is always the best one, and as I have said my main goal is to make the best of all available choices.  Fear led me to use my career as an excuse, when in actuality it should have been a driving factor in making these changes.  It may not have been at the start, but it certainly is now, and I feel my recent successes are evidence I am on the right track.  See you Saturday for the weigh in.


  1. I know I haven't much commented, but I've been following, and you have kept me inspired.

    I've been on my own weight loss kick the last 6 months, and between the two of us, we've lost over 150 lbs.

    Which is a person.

    Keep up the good work. Your pace only inspires mine.

  2. There was one point, before I lost about 30lbs, in which I thought "Ok, I am between types right now, I could either lose 50lbs (dauting!) or gain 50lbs, and then I would be more cast-able."

    I chose to go with the losing. Although our art is important to us, it's not worth bad health. I am so inspired to see you making healthy choices and bravely heading into the unknown!

    And I am going to lose that last 20lbs.