Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deep Breaths

What a difference a few days make.  My jerk client from Friday came back and applied, meaning since they have already been accepted I will get paid for my work after all.  My weight is still up, but I have been exercising a bit more, so I feel better, and I think once the work settles in that I will drop a few more lbs.  I got out with some friends this weekend and I think that was very much needed.  They are a little bit older and were able to put in perspective for me the frustrations and restlessness I have been feeling lately.  I am out of the entry level stage of life.  I am starting to want and expect those things that come with maturity, and that I committed to this process for.  I want a relationship, I want more success in my acting, and I want more stability.  I guess it is all part of being a twenty-something.  I still feel like I can be doing more for my health, but with all of the changes and steps of the past year it is understandable that the percentage of my focus on this process is less than it was when I had a job I didn't care about and a few shows in the bank.  I find myself asking why I am writing this particular post, and the answer is purely to counterbalance the frustration of Friday.  I'm ok now.  I guess I just want it in writing.

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