Friday, January 27, 2012

We Attack At Dawn (Redux)

Two years ago today I wrote my second ever blog entry here.  I was laying the groundwork for what would be the largest undertaking I so far faced in my life.  I started with a thank you.  The support was overwhelming and immediate, and has continued, so let me reiterate that thank you to all of those who have followed, encouraged, and cajoled me through this journey.  It is not over, and that is why I want to recapture the enthusiasm of those first few months.

Several of my major goals were ones I embraced wholeheartedly and have not faltered on.  I have had 1 soda in two years, and that was a ginger ale to help settle my stomach when I did not have medicinal options.  I have taken joy in cooking more and more.

I weighed myself today for the first time in a good while.  I did not like what I saw.  I knew what to expect because my clothes are noticeably tighter, and I know I look bigger.


This is over 40 pounds higher than my lightest. I can accept stalling.  When I changed jobs I immediately stopped losing weight.  At first the adjustment was hard, but lately I have been using it as an excuse.  A new Subway just opened across from my office, so I always had a good food option.

My two biggest issues at the moment are snacking and pacing.  I eat too fast and I do not keep a good enough watch on the intervals between meals.  I end up too hungry and eat too much of the wrong things.  Tracking calories better will solve some of that.  The other issue is snacking.  The one thing I have not been able to kick is my sweet tooth, and the discipline needed to keep it out of the house has been hard, particularly in moments of frustration or when I get a bit depressed.  There is nothing for it but to do better.

I've got more to do than I did, but I know I can if I make the commitment.  Year three starts soon, and I plan to make this the year when my goals become about maintenance.


  1. There is a new dawn, each and every day. Keep attacking.

  2. Setbacks suck, dude. I have had so many in my life. 80 pound turn arounds, no less. It can be really frustrating, but you're doing the right thing by recognizing it now. Snacking is something I've almost eliminated completely lately. Frankly, it really sucks sometimes, but it does make a difference. Keep at it, brother. I'm proud of you.

  3. I have joined you on the road, as you know, and I want to remind you of something you either said, implied, or I imagined - but which inspired me a great deal. When you began you said SOMETHING that led me to believe that you were not going to "suffer" through this. You were going to find a way to live the life you chose without perceiving it as sacrifice. I think that is critical. Life style change MUST be FORWARD. You cannot put new choices into a LACK mind set. I love your cooking efforts that have put you in control of your appetite and intake. I think you need a cooking show. Seriously.