Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weigh in #33

Sick day has turned into sick week.  I had hoped a little bit that my illness would help my weight loss, but there is no such silver lining to this summer cold.  I actually have gained about half a pound since Thursday.  I knew before that DayQuil makes me retain water, but I have not been eating a whole lot, so it is a little disappointing.  I suppose that next week I will have some extra nice results, which should put me at 30% weight loss.  I am only about 2 pounds away, so that is a very reachable goal.  Here are the numbers:

Current Weight: 310 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 2.6 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 130.2 lbs

It is never a bad week when that second number ticks over.  I am within shouting distance of a couple of very big goals, so I have a lot to look forward to.  132.07 pounds lost will be 30% of my original weight.  I am also just a touch over 10 pounds from being under 300.  My weight loss has slowed down in the last month or two, so I am not sure how quickly I can achieve these goals, but they are not far off.  Once my show gets up and running I expect to have more consistent success because of the extra time I will have to cook and exercise.  Exercise is what I missed out on this week, otherwise I feel I could have had a very good week.  Lately I seem to have hit a tipping point in the way others perceive me and my weight.  I am getting more notice from folks who knew me before for the difference and a little notice from strangers, which is always nice.  The next couple of days I plan to gather energy for the plunge of tech week, which is only a week off.  I will be getting back to an exercise regimen as soon as I feel well enough, but the real hard work may have to wait a week or two.

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