Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Have You Done For Your Health Today?

I don't really have much to talk about today, but I want to post at least twice a week, so I'll go with a stream-of-consciousness style today.  So far the week has been successful, but not overwhelmingly so.  Weight loss numbers aren't fantastic, but this weekend I did go out for a few drinks, so the fact I have lost anything at all is great.  Monday was a strong day, with a good day of Meatless Mondays and a better work out.  Walking is just not cutting it anymore.  I overheard someone discussing their training regimen for a 10k last week, so I decided to apply some of their training techniques to my evening by the lake.  I only went out for about 3 miles, but instead of brisk walking the whole time I would jog/run for 1 minute and then continue waling with as brisk a pace as I could muster for 2 minutes.  As the weeks go on I will increase the jog time and decrease the walk time, but I am going to take it slow. 

The title of today's entry came to me sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to write about.  I think this is a question I need to ask myself every night.  It is inspired by what I remember to be a World War II propaganda poster.  That kind of attitude of chipping in for a greater good, and the urgency of need, is the kind of attitude I want to capture.  Of course I am doing this for me, but I can't pretend I don't want this blog to be seen and to inspire others.  I make a big deal to myself about doing this the right way.  I don't want surgery or quick fixes or pills or any of the other bullshit we get sold.  My thought is I got myself here, I can get myself where I want to go.  What I have to remember is I took 25 years to get myself were I was.  I am working fast, but it is a life long journey and will not get me where I want to be in a week or two.  Even once I hit at or near my goal weight my skin and metabolism and inner health will take quite a while to catch up.  The key to fighting off the boredom and discouragement over the  pace will be to focus on the things I can do.  To take a step every day to get where I want to be.  To ask myself, "what have I done for my health today?"


  1. Chase:

    Such an inspiration. Ruth and I started back on Weight Watchers a couple of days ago and both feel better and have MORE than plenty to eat. This is ALL a mind game with physical by products. It starts and ends though... in the mind. Thanks for your leadership, son.


  2. keep it up keep it up keep it up. im going running because of this