Monday, March 25, 2013

Weigh In 4:2

It has been an interesting few days. Friday and Saturday were not great. March madness, hanging out with friends, and generally being a human being put me behind the 8 ball. Then came yesterday. I woke up really early and feeling not great. Somehow I had picked up a really aggressive stomach bug. The downsides should be obvious. Without getting too graphic let me just say I'm glad my toilet and tub are close enough together to use simultaneously. There was an upside, though, which was it was a fairly effective reset button for my weight loss. I couldn't keep down water, let alone food, so I didn't use any of my points yesterday, and I got a pretty wicked core workout. All of that added up to me losing almost 4 pounds this weigh in. I figure about half of that is from the bug, but if I am smart I can use an unfortunate situation to my advantage. There is no reason I have to put that weight back on. I am not back to 100%, so it is probably going to be a soup and saltines kind of day. This seems like the perfect time to start building some new habits, so let's see how things go moving forward.

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