Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In The Middle

Another Wednesday.  And this week another milestone.  As of this morning I was down exactly 60 pounds.  My 65 pound goal for the 30th is well in sight and I would love to be past that.  I talked a while back about how my clothes are starting to fit a bit loosely, and today I did something about it.  I went to the big and tall store today and got a couple of items to tide me over, including a new belt that I desperately needed as I am on the last hole on my current one and it is the only thing keeping some of my pairs of pants up.  You may be interested to know that I am down a full shirt size and between 4-6 inches in the waist.  I bought everything just a bit snug, and some with a bit of stretch so that I could get a bit more usage out of them.  I also got a new pair of workout shorts.  I had been working out in sweatpants, which is okay while there is still a spring chill in the air, but soon it will just be too uncomfortable.  Hopefully by the next time I absolutely have to get some new clothes I will be able to get some items at a standard department/retail store and have a lot more choice (and a lot less price.  The lowest priced collared pullover tee shirt at the big and tall store is over $20).  I know I will have to do a few more interim buys before I get to my goal, and by the time this whole thing is done I should be down almost 20 inches in the waist.  I am still looking for a place to get some inexpensive alterations done.  The dry cleaners across the street probably could get the job done, but I don't know that the proprietor knows enough English to follow my directions.  I went by the other day to ask a question about a stain and got blank stares.  I am going to do what I can for the time being, but if you see me in the next couple of months don't be surprised if I look like a hobo.  If the alternative is having clothes that fit at my old weight that is a trade I will gladly accept.


  1. Fantastic! Chase, you are doing so well, it is truly inspiring. I downloaded that iPhone app you suggested, and so far I like it. A pretty good way to keep track of your calories vs. exercise.

  2. Chase:

    Well DONE. What an amazing milestone in such a short time. If you are buying at dept stores I have to get off my butt and start losing weight. No doubt it is doable but I don't have your flair in the kitchen. I think starting this blog to keep yourself focused is pure genius and VERY entertaining. Congrats.