Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weigh in #10

It is Saturday so you know what that means:  Weigh In Day on The Amazing Shrinking Actor.  This week has been fairly positive.  It has been interesting tracking my weight day to day because the fluctuations have been extreme.  By Tuesday I hadn't lost much of anything and then I lost over two pounds by Thursday.  I then gained almost a pound and then lost a full pound Friday and then this morning.  I am assuming that these fluctuations are due to water retention and that my actual fat loss was steady over the week.  Whatever the mechanics of my weight loss I feel like this week was good results-wise.  Here are the numbers:

Current Weight: 393.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 4.0 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 46.8 lbs

Four pounds more toward my goal.  It is a little bit higher that the previous few weeks and I think that reflects one less cheat meal and a bit more exercise from last week carrying over in my metabolism.  I figured out that if I maintain a pace of 4 pounds a week I should be at or near my weight target around the one year mark in this journey.  That would be amazing, but I know that pace is unrealistic.  It does put in perspective though that this is not going to take forever.

Speaking of exercise, I have been taking measures to remove excuses to make sure I actually get the three to four workouts a week I have been looking for.  One issue for me has been that my current pair of New Balance is great and airy for a nice moderate walk or for everyday wear, but they are actually a bit painful to walk briskly or jog in because the mesh doesn't provide the support I need and my feet end up slipping around inside the shoe.  I decided to get a pair of workout only shoes and picked up a pair of Asics 2150 running shoes.
The gentleman at the sporting goods store recommended them for two reasons.  They are made for over-pronators, which I definitely am, and will protect my ankles.  They are also very sturdy and should protect and cushion my whole foot.  They will also be a silent signal to my body that when I put them on I am going to work out, and their presence in my apartment will be a constant reminder that I should be working out.  I know that they are just shoes and can't work out for me, but every little bit really helps.  I am still taking is fairly easy in the exercise department and some times a "workout" for me is a nice walk on the lakefront.  The other night I went out during the last hour the park was open and got in about three miles, and even though my pace was not that hard I still got my heart rate up a bit and got a chance to enjoy the superb weather we had here in Chicago over the last couple of days.

We'll see how these lofty goals turn out.  As the saying goes the best laid plans oft go astray and I have never been all that talented in the planning department.

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  1. Great progress Chase--keep it up! It's always a little up a little down on any given day; it's the overall trajectory that matters.