Thursday, April 1, 2010

Progress Check

The time has come my friends to pull out the map and check on my progress.  Two months down.  I had set some lofty goals for myself.  The first was to break 400/lose 40 pounds (since they were so close together) and I did that in the last weigh in.  The next, and loftier, goal was to lose 50 pounds by the 1st of April.  It was always going to be tough and I had little expectation of reaching 50 pounds, but I was okay with that.  As of today I had lost 46.6 pounds.  Not too bad.  I actually went out to a nice dinner before seeing a show last night and had a beer and still lost some weight today, so I am very happy that I am having measurable and even good results when I chose to indulge a bit.  Of course I am only indulging at one meal and not every meal that day, and I think that is important.  I was still under 2000 calories yesterday.  It is a positive indication that to achieve my goals I don't have to lead some sort of ascetic lifestyle.

Next week is going to be a bit of a wild card, but I will at least post my weight at the end of it and maybe a post on all of the soft things I am eating while my mouth recovers.  See you Saturday for the weigh in.


  1. First star to the right - then straight on until morning.

    Good for you.


  2. smoothies smoothies smoothies! throw in some protein powder, too!