Thursday, July 29, 2010

All In

Here is how things stood as of last post.  I had turned down a small but juicy role in a Shakespeare show to keep myself open for one of my dream roles, Barfee in Spelling Bee.  That is the kind of all or nothing choice that I struggle to make, but I went in head first this time.  Tonight was the callback (#2).  I felt really good about my work and on the way home I got the word that I had booked it.  After taking such a big risk having it pay off is incredible.  Even better was the knowledge that I had gone about it the right way.  I want to thank those of you who gave me such great advice in this situation.  Some comps are definitely on the way.

With my health I have felt myself getting into a bit of a rut.  I haven't been logging my calories the way I should and I have been indulging a bit more than I should.  The results I have had recently show few to no ill effects so far, but if I am not careful my good habits could go by the wayside.  I have found myself rationalizing my laziness by saying that I am allowing the changes to be more organic and letting them be part of my everyday life.  That assumes that at some point I will stop logging calories and staying on top of things, which is the wrong mindset.  I need to stay aware because I have shown that I to easily fall into bad habits.  I am recommitting now to doing this the right way and working hard from here on.


  1. Huzzah!!! You are perfect for that part!

  2. Chase, Well, you got the tears flowing. We are always so proud of you and love seeing you growing in your sense of self. Hope we get to see you in this. Don't let go, now, just when things are beginning to make a difference. Remember your mentor in the "I can and will do it, whatever comes, whatever tries to beat me I will try to keep it at bay as long as possible" way of life. She's smiling even bigger, now. LYMTA

  3. Awesome opportunity Chase...and please send us the details...when where, etc.

    Uncle Bob