Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again

Well, parties are over.  The fourth and my 100 came and went, and thanks to all of the food and drink I had this weekend, 100 went and has come again.  I am now right back where I was on Saturday, so on the consequences level my indulgences did not cost me too much.  This weekend did show that my body still really wants to put on weight.  I didn't eat too badly.  I indulged in a couple of cupcakes, and a few beers and mixed drinks.  I put on two pounds in two days.  At first I was a bit worried, but now I am not bothered too much by all of it.  It helps that I lost the extra pounds almost as fast as I put them on, and the extra urgency to get back under 100 has gotten me to workout twice this week already, a habit I hope to keep up.  Now that I know I can lose the weight and that I have the habits I need for success and indulgence now and then is something I feel okay with because I feel a measure of control.  It is good to know because I have seen how fast six months can go and in the next six months are Thanksgiving, Christmas, at least two trips home, and football season (AKA beer season).  I will need to exercise (pun intended) every measure of control I have.  Once I am at a stable weight it won;t matter quite as much, but until then I must practice vigilance.

Pulling Out The Road Map

I have a new participation stunt for you!  200 pounds is a long way away, but it is the next meaningful goal I can think of.  I am looking for a nice intermediate goal to shoot for, and preferably one that doesn't have as much to do with my weight.  Anyone with an interesting idea please submit it.  What is the next milestone I should shoot for?


  1. You are not alone - I gain two pounds in a day all the time! I also find that this happens after a weekend of indulging, and I usually lose it in a day or two as well.

    Milestones not related to weight:
    - 1 year of weightloss
    - 100 blog posts
    - a week of ONLY eating home cooked, healthful food

  2. How about: Running a certain distance with less strain. Learning some new dances, for help with auditions and for pleasure. Joining a new group to meet new people. Purchasing a very special item, either clothes or "stuff", that you have always wanted to own. Maybe I'll come up with more, later. LYMTH.

  3. Awesome Chase! You are doing great!

    Some ideas for other goals not related to weight might be:

    * Sign up for a 5K-if you don't feel like you are able to run one, you call always find ones that are strictly walks (this one's from Jon)

    * Rent (netflix, Library, etc) some different types of dance workout dvd's and learn new dance styles and workout at the same time!

    * Plan your meals out for the entire week ahead of time and don't stray from it. (maybe have some snack ideas set aside in case you do get hungry though and don't have to pick up garbage from the convenience store) **You very well may already do this...**

    * Rent/borrow (if you don't have one of your own) a bicycle and ride along the bike path for a long workout. Bonus beautiful scenery!

    Good luck

    Sara Jo

  4. Things maybe for your acting
    *perfect a new dialect

    *learn a new dance style (I'm copying that suggestion) or martial arts or unicycling or something strange and physical

    *build a new repertoire of 5 brand new audition songs for yourself (or 5 new monologues)

    *market this blog--send one email a day to a corporation/company/artist/fellow blogger/friend who might be interested in this

    *send a letter to an idol of yours every week

    Also, these are related to weight loss, but:

    *Go to the store and buy an entire outfit (shirt/pants) that you want to fit into one day. Keep it hanging in a place where you see it frequently.

    *Set a workout goal you'd like to achieve: # of pushups/pullups you want to be able to do, distance/length of time to run

    *At weight watcher's, they consider the first big milestone to be when you've lost 15% of your original weight. You could measure by percentage maybe... You've overshot 15%, but maybe pick a percentage you haven't reached, yet? I don't know, it's just more numbers to help you play your little nerdy math games.