Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weigh in #25

What a week.  I suppose I am getting what I wanted.  I am busier on the acting front and I am taking the time I need to achieve the results I want both in theater and with my health.  The day job has been a little crazy lately, but nothing too bad.  I took a different tack with my exercise this week.  Last week I had three days with even aerobic and weight exercise.  This week I was a bit inconsistent, but I got out for a couple of walks and did a little bit of weight work, mostly core stuff.  One exercise I came up with is to take my two new 10 pound free weights and shadow box until I can't hold them up anymore.  The combination has worked.  I probably ate more this week, but less of the bad stuff, and the exercise was less than I thought I needed, but not bad overall.  Perhaps I have been trying too hard and taxing myself too much.  Then again maybe the weight work I did last week is paying off now.  More muscle means more calories are required just to keep me alive.  Perhaps I should focus one week a month on really working to build muscle.  It will help my body rebound into the correct shape and burn more calories.  I have lots of options it seems, so I'll keep experimenting.  That is enough rambling for now.  Here are the results:

Current Weight: 332.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 6.4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 107.8 lbs

That certainly makes up for last week.  That is actually more weight than I would like to lose on a week by week basis, but averaging the last 3 weeks I am looking at 3.6 pounds a week, which is close to a manageable pace, and near the 1% of my body weight I should average a week.  Looking at my pace I have a decent chance to get to 110.05 pounds lost, which is 25% lost, and 50% of my goal weight loss

One other adjustment I made this week was a nod to my blood pressure, which I have not been measuring consistently, but I can tell by the way I feel is still high.  The one nutrient issue I have not made the kind of strides I would like to so far is with sodium.  Last weekend I bought a salt substitute and have started working it into my diet, as well as substituting other flavorings for salt, like the Ponzu I mentioned in my vegetarian meal.  The sodium is not bad, especially considering it is soy based.  This should help not only with my health, but with water retention, making my weigh ins more consistent.  When I am cooking at home my sodium intake isn't terrible, but I seem to be one of those folks that is very sensitive to salt, and to achieve the results I want I need to really cut back, probably under 1500 mg a day.  I am not going to go crazy until I speak to a doctor, and at the moment that is not really an option so i will make solid choices until then.

Another week then.  I have two callbacks this week and a goal to hit, so I look forward to updating you.  Coming up soon is also 6 months of the blog.  Stay tuned for a bit more math and another opportunity to take stock.


  1. You are the poster child for weigh-in variance. Weight loss and gain is NEVER linear. It is always a spikey road. Great results this week and crossing your 25/50% marks in the next week to ten days looks certain. Constant congratulations on all of that.

    Being as much taller than I as you are, you now weigh less than me proportionately. I need to get my butt in gear, huh? Very glad for you. Break a leg on the auditions.


  2. Chase,

    great job man. I'm really proud of you. Keep it up and best of "leg breaking" on your auditions this past week and ones in the future.

    Jordan Clark

  3. Awesome achievements Chase...yeah, the sodium is a big one! But we all know you will go at it in a sensible way...the best way.

    Uncle Bob