Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Four Calling Birds

Back on track.  It is amazing how much less hungry I am when I am eating properly.  I have to say my planning wasn't any better than on other days recently, I was just far less busy.  It is bad for my pocketbook, but great for my diet.  Since I was smart and saved a bit before starting this sales job my health is still the more pressing matter of the two.  This morning I was a pound lighter, which probably corresponds as much with some recovery naturally from my indulgences as the more austere intake I have had in the last day or two.  Either way I will take it.  I toyed for a moment with trying to tie today's post with the gift in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", but to be frank I really don't feel like working that hard.  I think that these 12 consecutive posts will do me a lot of good though.  I have been rereading the Holmes books this week and I think it is there that I ran into a phrase pertaining to the disinfectant qualities of sunlight, both literally and in the metaphorical sense that the more exposure something receives the less likely becomes the growth of undesirable or unsavory things.  For me it means the more I write the more weight I lose on the whole.  I started the blog for accountability, and like all things it only works when I use it.

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  1. Hi Chase! Glad to hear things are going well for you! I recently joined WW's again, and on top of tracking, I have a group of friends (also in WW), and we email each other every day with our tracked food for that day... it may seem excessive, but it's working so yes! writing things down really works!