Friday, December 31, 2010

Which Day Of Christmas?

Oh boy.  After all of that talk about "better than yesterday" I forget to post yesterday.  It won't be hard to do better today.  To be fair to myself work was pretty awful yesterday, and after my show I was spent.  I also had another run in with the fact that negative emotions frequently manifest for me physically as hunger.  It is the hardest impulse to fight, too, because my ability to rationalize is never stronger than when my mind is elsewhere and dwelling on negative things.  There is nothing more I can do than continue to work hard and stay OUT of the kitchen or 7-11 when I'm frustrated or down.  today I'm in a pretty good mood, though.  Work closed down even earlier than I thought, so I had almost the whole afternoon to myself.  I spent a few gift cards and got myself a brand new digital camera, which will add incentive to fulfill my desire to include a lot more pictures on the blog.  It has a much better optical zoom, and since it is 4 years newer than my now former camera it should provide even better pictures.

As for tonight I don't plan to go too crazy with food, but there was an incredible deal on a pretty decent sparkling wine at my local grocery, so I will be drinking a bit tonight.  I have done good work so far this week, so I think I should still end up with a positive result this week.  We shall see.

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