Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reaching for the FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!

Everybody's favorite line to sing in that song.  It turns out that today was another good one for me.  I am getting better about logging my food, a habit I have fallen away from, and it is amazing the immediate effect it has had on my intake.  Knowing that what I have eaten meets my calorie needs makes it easier to be satisfied with the amount I have eaten.  It must be the rational side of me overriding all else.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the reactions I got when I visited Houston this past week.  The most frequent question I got was "How did you do it?"  People are loath to believe me when I say "I stopped eating crap" or "I started eating moderately".  They think there must have been some trick or some earth moving technique.  Before I started this journey I thought that was the only way as well.  It isn't.  It is another face of the "get rich quick" epidemic of our society.   People, myself included, hate hearing that steady work, even if it isn't all that "hard" is the key to success, so they choose not to believe it.  I am not judging anyone, because that very train of thought is one of the many impediments I set in front of myself before starting.  I just find it funny to see from this side of the equation.  This realization about hard work, or rather steady work, has been huge for me in all areas of my life.  How can I not do all I know how to in my career knowing what I know.  I refuse to sit back anymore and wait for success, just as I have chosen to take mastery of my diet and health.  I am far from perfect, but I know and try to do what it takes, and that is better than what I did before.  I think my mantra for the new year will be "better than yesterday".  It embodies everything that has made my process work for me.

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