Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In My Estimation

I was doing a little math this week to see what I would have to lose each week to reach my 100 pound goal by my deadline.  It turns out it is just over 4 pounds a week.  Pair that with the fact that I gained a little weight for no apparent reason in the first half of the week, suddenly I was feeling a lot less confident.  I can do it, I know I can, I just know it is going to take discipline.

Speaking of discipline I wanted to comment on how the measures I have taken for my health are affecting my enjoyment of life.  I am asked at work or by my friends some times how I go without a certain item or other.  There are certainly things that I really miss, but I was thinking about this today and it struck me that this process is a lot like rehearsal for a play.  The goal is to rehearse like you are going to perform, but there are certain things you do in rehearsal, like exercises or repeating sections of a scene, that have no place in performance.  The goal of rehearsal is preparation and that is exactly what I am doing now.  Of course I will, and do rarely, enjoy the occasional treat, maybe even more often when I reach my goal weight and health, but I forgo those things now because it is so much harder to lose weight than maintain it.  I want to teach myself the good habits that will be the grounding for my continuing health.  After working so diligently at the bad habits for 25 years, I need to spend some time doing the right things as much as possible.  The goal is that once I reach a weight with which I am satisfied I will have built the kind of habits that will keep me there.  It is not always fun, but most of what I am doing is pleasant, if new, and many of the things I miss I know that I can enjoy in moderation once I reach my goal.  The few things I have decided to remove entirely from my diet I either don't miss or enjoy the benefits of having forgone the item more than the item itself.

I Want You!

I feel like the blog has gotten a bit stale in the last couple of weeks, so next Wednesday I would love to answer questions or respond to advice.  So for this mailbag edition of The Amazing Shrinking Actor please submit whatever you like to the comments of this post or my email,  I will pick a few and respond next week.  Until then please keep checking back and I will see you Saturday for the weigh in.

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  1. Chase!
    1. How are the weekends for you? I'm continually trying to lose/maintain weight, and the weekends are the most difficult--mainly because I have a fairly structured week with a day job 7:30-4:00 (with the audition or shoot here and there that my flex hours allow)

    2. What about dating/social events? How does that affect what/how you eat? That's the MOST difficult time for me because I throw out all sense of nutrition knowledge on dates for some reason (or in any social situation)--sometimes I get so nervous about it, I'll decline for that reason only!

    3. What are your 'snacks?'