Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mixed Bag

This has been a strange week, my friends.  It doesn't look like a great week weight wise, but I have been doing all of the right things, so while I admit I am a bit frustrated I know the results will come if I keep doing what I should.  I ended up getting an acting gig as well, which is great, but it may be the weirdest show I have ever been in.  It should be fun though.  Because of the show I am going to have to push back my 100 pound party.  I should be able to do it the next weekend, but the only thing I am pushing back is the celebration itself.  The goal is still to have lost 100 pounds by June 26th.  I have to say that with my progress lately I am worried about reaching my goal, but I will keep doing the right stuff and let the results come.


  1. Congratulations and Break A Leg!! It will probably take more than these past few months to be certain that you have those habits set in your life, but it will come. Just remember to keep your eye on the goal, your heart filled with thoughts of success, and others, your mind busy with good thoughts and your soul in touch with your Maker. M&P

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  3. "Not the Victory but the Action; Not the Goal but the Game; In the Deed the Glory." (I just really like that quote... and congrats on your gig and other auditions!)

  4. I have never known a smarter or more interesting person. When the plot of your story isn't working out as you had hoped, your virtues are harder to appreciate. We focus on plot when our stories are so much more about character - than plot. EVERY admonition (and I particularly love Amy's in this postings comments) is borne of plot TRANCENDENCE - not plot manipulation! BE CHASE. The rest is a distraction and an invitation to a path not made for you.

    Love you, son.

    Indescribably proud of you.