Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weigh in #17

Howdy friends.  It has been an up and down week in more ways than one.  I lost my college ring on Monday and thought I had a tooth break on Tuesday, though on Wednesday I found out it was either a piece of bone or tartar from my removed wisdom teeth and not any damage to my Chiclets.  My weight followed my personal life this week as I went up and down, but finished up right where I should be.  Here are this week's numbers:

Current Weight: 360.8 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 4.2 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 79.4 lbs

A very positive week.  I had two really good workouts this week, one of which I got up at 6:00 am for, so seeing results is definitely gratifying.  On Tuesday I went out a-walkin' and ended up going all the way down to Montrose Harbor and back, a little over 4 miles total.  It only took about 1:15 and the weather was pretty decent.  These walks have been my preferred form of exercise mainly because of the beauty of the lakefront, but also because I seem to be able to maintain a decent pace for much longer outside than on the treadmill.  I suppose goes back to needing a wider stance.  I weave a little bit as I walk as well, which is hard to do on a treadmill and not suffer serious injury.


I have talked before about how my 100 pound goal may have been a touch ambitious, but it has had a very positive effect on my desire to exercise.  I can't get to my goal with diet alone like I could in February and March, and my competitive nature is winning right now over my sedentary inclinations.  I think the best thing has been that I have taken the opportunity when I have had a few minutes in my apartment to do a few squats or crunches or just to stretch a bit.  Before I started the blog I probably would have thought "what's the point" about somethiong so small as 20 crunches or 10 squats, but that is the kind of self sabotage I have been able to avoid.  So what if it only makes a small difference, I am working for the long term and the little positive choices add up to big results over the long haul.


Those of you who are facebook friends may have noticed my reference to a new participation event this week.  I had a great idea last night that will help me get some new ideas for diet or exercise.  The challenge is this: I want everyone who reads this blog to make one positive choice or change this week that they would not have done previously, and then comment about it.  If you are feeling bold make more than one change.  I don't care where you comment, be it on this entry, one of the others I make this week, or at the end of the challenge next week, but I would love to hear about them because I would love to try any new ideas for myself.  No change is too big or too small.  Don't be like I was for years and think that the changes you can make are too small to make a difference.  You'll never start anything that way, and the little changes have a way of leading to bigger ones.  I look forward to your ideas.


  1. Chase, almost 80 lbs, you are amazing and so inspiring to me. I know you are starting your next weigh-in week but I am coming to the end of mine, so here is something I have been trying to change lately:

    With social events and even just going to work (my restaurant job), I know that there is going to be food there, so I try to eat a solid meal (not too big) or just something somewhat filling so that I am mostly not focused on food when I get there. So if I do eat something, it's not the main event for me.

    I almost sent you this as a private message because for some reason I feel self-conscious posting this in front of everyone, but you're doing it, so I should too! :)

  2. WOAH! A challenge. A new positive decision. Woooo. This will take some thinking. I am, as usual, impressed with your thought process and commitment. I think the thing I would like to know is what you do for breakfast. Maybe that would be a good place to start.


  3. My breakfast almost every morning has been:

    Approx 1oz of hard, white cheese (like Swiss, aged cheddar, or aged Gouda. I know you like smoked mozzarella, and that would work)

    One serving (approx 100-120 calories) of low fat carbohydrate (I like Melba toast or reduced fat triscuits)

    A serving of fruit.

    A substitution I sometimes use instead of the cheese is low cal/fat key lime pie flavored yogurt, but you have to find one that is less than 100 calories for a serving. My breakfast ends up at about 250-300 calories, which is a bit more than a slim-fast, but actually tastes great and fills me up for 3-4 hrs. Make sure to have a mid-morning snack if this is all you have for breakfast.

  4. I'm not going to eat anything after 8PM!