Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weigh in #14

Two posts in two days?  I feel like I am cultivating expectations I will be unable to meet, but it is a risk I am okay with.  Saturday once again.  Today is day 1 of month 4.  I had another jolt down in weight today.  I worked out yesterday morning and I was especially conscious of sodium, but I actually had more calories than I have been having, almost a full 2000, so maybe I should be eating a bit more.  I think I was also holding back a  bunch of water which explains the big drop from yesterday to today.  As you know from yesterday I was at 375 exactly, which was .2 pounds oer my goal for the three months.  Here are today's numbers:

Current Weight: 373.2 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 5.8 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 67 lbs

Almost two pounds in a day.  It goes to show I think that though yesterday was probably a good day, with especially healthy food choices and some exercise, my body experiences fluctuations and being a large body the fluctuations are correspondingly large.

Moving Back The Goalpost

Now that my three month goal has come and gone successfully my next big goal is 100 pounds.  This is the one I have been looking forward to most.   I am going to have a party when I hit 100 pounds down and I would love to have a healthy foods picnic in the lakefront park where I have done so much of my work for this process.  To that end I think somewhere in the last two weeks of June is the perfect time, so, here is the goal.  In two months at the most I will lose the remaining 33 pounds.  I am two thirds there, so I expect I should get this one done early, but I want to give myself a little leeway to account for the fact that I am bound to slow down the closer I get to my goal weight.  I have to reach 100 pounds by the morning of June 26th.  That day, Saturday afternoon,  is when I want to have the party.  We can eat and hangout in the park and maybe head down to the beach and then anyone who wants to can come back to my apartment and hang out throughout the night.  Hope to see you there.

You Are Invited!

100 Weight Feast

Date:    Saturday, June 26th
Time:    Afternoon, TBD
Location:  Park south of Hollywood Beach
(Enter on Bryn Mawr under Lakeshore Dr.  Street parking in neighborhoods or Bryn Mawr Red Line)

Bring yourself
and if so desired a beverage and a healthy dish to share.

Drinks and conversation in my apartment to follow.
5550 N. Kenmore Ave #806
Chicago, IL 60640

I will figure out the time and probably send an evite as we get closer to the date.  If you are someone with whom I do not regularly correspond, please leave your email as a comment or send it to me at  I will be sure you get an invitation. 

No backing out now.


  1. Great idea! I can't think of a better form of accountability than to invite everyone over to celebrate!

  2. Great job Chase! And the party sounds like a great idea. If I can be there, I will be there. Keep us posted.

    -Chris Coons

  3. this is awesome chase! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! any pics to show people who aren't in chicago?