Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weigh in #16

Back, Jack, do it again.  An up and down week, but Saturday appears to have fallen on a down day, so the numbers are pretty decent.  I went from up almost a pound and a half early in the week to a positive end result, but the total is not as much as I'd like and not on the pace I need to hit 100 by my deadline.  Perhaps setting deadlines like this is not the best thing for me.  They get my competitive spirit going, but they also take my focus off of the real goal of my journey, and that is health.  Weight loss is a part of that, but if I am doing the right things and get behind on my weight loss that should be okay, and my deadline makes it a bit stressful.  One positive is that the deadline does push me to do more of the things I have been remiss in, like exercising.  I got in one really good workout and two decent walks this week, and I also took the chance when available to make the more physically strenuous choice, like taking the stairs when the elevators in my building were running slowly (I live on the 8th, so it is a chore, especially after an 8-10 hour shift at work).  Here are today's totals:

Current Weight: 365 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 3.6 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 75.2 lbs

A bit behind the pace I need, but I am over 75 pounds down and that is nothing to sneeze at.  I continue to notice improvements in my strength and stamina in my everyday life.  I sleep better than I ever have, I walk faster and more efficiently, I even want to get up and move around sometimes.  My job requires a lot of sitting and that is something that is more and more onerous to me, and sitting down has never been something I was against in the past.  My diet has slipped back a little bit and I should work on that this week.  It is not that I am eating things that are poor choices, but my timing and habits have fallen back and I am getting hungry a bit more than I used to.  I think this is due to the fact that I have for a while been doing 3 moderate meals instead of the 3 moderate and 2 small snacks.  I still do snacks every once in a while, but not in the consistent way that yielded success in the first couple of months of my weight loss.  I think I will try to get back in to that habit this week and see what kind of results I get.

Starting tomorrow I will be answering mailbag questions I have already received.  Thanks so much to those of you who have submitted, and to those putting it off it is not too late.  Leave a comment or email throughout the week.  I plan to do a post every day this week and answer a couple questions.  Until next time.

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