Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been told by more than one person (and more than once by my father) that I am uniquely susceptible to personal inertia.  By that I mean that the direction in which I am headed seems to be the one I continue to head in without tremendous effort to counter that.  I don't suppose I am unique in that category, but I do take an above average impetus to change direction.  The other side of that coin is that once I am headed in the right direction there is a good chance I will keep heading that way.  That sort of positive inertia is what I am experiencing now.  I do not know for sure yet, but I may have a theater gig, I just got back from a nice 3 mile or so walk, and I plan to actually do some chores today.  I have two auditions coming up in as many weeks.  Even my weight loss totals are chugging along very consistently, even the amounts lost each week.  I feel like I am rolling down a wonderful hill.  My good habits are becoming just that, habits.  The personal habits and lifestyle things have been more difficult than my dietary changes because I can keep bad food out of the apartment pretty easily.  The other stuff requires doing.  Now that I am consistently doing the right things it is getting easier and easier.  I just need to give myself an extra push every now and then to keep my momentum.

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