Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mailbag Day 4

Thanks to Amy Vorpahl, who posted this today:

What's the goal? Will this end at some point or are you just going to keep up with the healthy diet/exercise? I know it's super far in the future, but will the next step be to 'bulk up' with muscle and definition? 

The goal is to be healthy, and secondarily to be a more marketable actor.  I don't really have a weight goal per se.  I would like to be somewhere in the 210-225 range because I think that will be a manageable weight for me and a healthy one to live with.  If I feel and look great at 250, then that is right for me.  I would also like to think it is not too too far in the future.  I would love to be at my goal weight by my one year anniversary, but looking at the math and the pace I have been on it a more realistic goal is this time next year.  As I mentioned Tuesday all of this is is about health, so most of the things I am doing now I would like to do for the rest of my life.  As I continue to do them, I think my weight will find itself.  Size and weight have been the easiest way to track my results, though, so I post them.

As for muscle or definition I don't think I will ever be what one might call wiry.  As I lose weight I think I will probably continue to be broad and thick bodied.  Right now I am doing some weight work and anaerobic exercise to build muscle mass to help with my weight loss.  The more muscle one has the more calories it takes to keep the body going, or so I have read, and so the more calories I burn just living life.  It gives me some extra cushion in my diet.  I hope this will have a beneficial effect on my appearance, but that is secondary.  I personally think I would look weird all musclebound, but I'll take it.  That is definitely a ways off.

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  1. Hi, there, Love the daily messages. My questions will have to be answered by phone...personal, you see. Anyway, we are behind you 500% are proud of your commitment, as would be your Mom. M$P