Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And It's Only Half Over!

Wow, what a week so far.  I am in hell week for the short play I am in and the festival is what all festivals are: madness.  Add to that my day job and I am pulling some long days.  The brightest silver lining to all of the exertion is that I am definitely giving myself some leeway in terms of calories.  It has been a very positive week on the scales so far even with a couple of slip ups and indulgences.  In the past the weight loss formula has been weighted heavily toward diet, but burning calories has been the key this week.  The demands on my time this week have forced me into some less than ideal choices, but I have had some breathing room to absorb that.  I have tonight off, however, so I was able to cook earlier and I am currently watching the Blackhawks.  I love Thai food because I can cram it full of veggies and it tastes awesome.  The little Thai place around the corner makes a delicious basil chicken so I decided to give it a shot tonight.  I used my Epicurious app to find a recipe that seemed right and added a bunch of veggies to round it out.  I then added one of Minute Rice's instant brown rice cups and had a very full meal.  All of the Asian sauces seem to have higher than ideal levels of sodium, but with light soy and some careful preparation I was able to keep it reasonable. Here are some shots.

Chicken, peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms, and a little onion.  I am boiling down the pan juices and sauce to make it a little less runny.

The basil and lime that I added at the end.

The finished dish.  It was quite tasty.  It didn't get as spicy as I like it, so I added some sriracha hot sauce, but a fine meal all said.


It is official! The 100 Weight Feast is scheduled for July 3rd at 5pm.  An evite is out and up on facebook as well, but if you need the info post your email and I will add you to the invite.  Don't think I forgot you or do not want you there.  I want everybody.  I just only have a few folks email addresses.   Come celebrate 100 pounds gone for good!

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