Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weigh in #21

Today is the twenty first weigh in, which means 20 weeks of weight loss.  A nice round number like that calls for a by-the-numbers review of my progress so far.  This past week has been quite positive.  I have been listening to my body more this week and trying not to be as rigid with my diet as I have been.  I have still been making good choices, but instead of having my meals and snacks when the clock says I should I am eating when I am hungry and waiting when I am not.  If I feel more hungry that average I may eat a bit more, trying to stock up on veggies first.  All of the work I have done in the past 4+ months has retaught me the feeling of hunger, and now I am trying to listen to my body.  My self control where food is concerned seems to have gotten much better as well.  I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's FroYo last week and was able to enjoy a bit, maybe 100-150 calories worth, and put the rest away.  before I probably had at least half of the pint at a go.  That was a very positive experience for me because I was able to enjoy the treat, not worry about it too much, and still make a good choice about how much I would have.  With all of that in mind here are this week's results.

Current Weight: 348.4 lbs
Starting Weight: 440.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 4.8 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 91.8 lbs

That is more like it!  An almost 5 pound week without too much austerity on my part.  I worked hard, but I have decided that 100 will come when it comes, so I am not going to push or deny myself too much trying to get there faster.

Also, since there has been a request for more pictures I have this one taken this week at my friend Laura Mecsey's going away party.  We'll miss you Laura, but good luck and thanks for the great snap.

Break It Down

Are you ready for some math.  When I looked at these numbers I could not help but feel very proud of what I have done so far.  It may seem contradictory to put this down on my blog but I am not one to make much of my accomplishments.  I feel justified today.

Weight loss over 20 weeks: 91.8 lbs
Weight loss average, weekly: 4.59 lbs/week
Weight loss per day (Jan 30-June 19): ~0.66 lbs/day

If we put my weight loss goal at 220.1 (exactly half of my starting weight)  I have 128.3 lbs to go.  Although I know this weight loss pace is unsustainable as I lose more weight it is fun to think that if I did maintain this pace I would reach my goal in 195.66 days, or exactly on New Years Eve 2010.  Even at a 2.5 pound-per-week pace from this point forward my goal is less than a year away.  Who says math can't be fun?

edited to reflect correct total weight.  previously said 358.4, which was an error.


  1. Chase, you are awesome! I can see the weight loss a lot in your face - lookin' good!

  2. yeah! look at that awesome face!