Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

Something strange occurred today.  I worked until 4:30 and had rehearsal at 6.  When I looked up directions to the theater where we were doing our walk-through I saw that it was about 3 miles from work.  The theater is easily accessible via public transit, in fact the blue line is steps from both my place of work and the theater.  The odd thing is that I decided to walk.  I obviously didn't have to.  I have been having good results this week and have gotten in a couple of good workouts.  I just did it because I had the time.  I have always shied away from doing more than I have to in instances where it I am the only person affected.  When others are counting on me I am pretty good about stepping up and going the extra mile, but for myself I have tended to do the bare minimum.  I was talking about this with several folks on Monday, but I feel that it is part of my philosophy on choice.  When presented with options, be they physical or dietary, I try to make the best choice out of those options presented.  Walking was the better choice and I had the time to do it.  I think the more I make the right choice the easier it will be to both recognize and accept the best option.


  1. Wow. There is so much selfawareness in this post I can hardly grasp it all . You are doing yourself proud. I am so moved. Dad

  2. Way to go Chase!!! I've found the same thing to be true! I'll bike to the theater one evening and then, due to rain or laziness (We'll say rain) I bus it home. But I try to make my self jog or walk to pick up the bike and ride home the next day!

    I've loved biking in the city as a mode of transportation AND exercise! Look into that maybe!